Mainstreaming Psychedelics

Recently, Sam Haselby asked “Do you think taking psychedelics will ever become a completely mainstream experience?” Here’s my reply.

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Growing Tobacco, Making Mapacho

Tobacco is a tremendous force, one of my closest friends and I love it. Since I’ve found no written resources for making mapacho — the powerful black tobacco of the Amazon — I’ve documented my own process here.

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Follow Us Further, Deeper, Into The Magic Forest

The quizzical mystical hysterical miracle spirit filled destination — one of many graduations from slow damnation — somehow, someway, someday; buy the ticket, change the station.

It’s not where we’re from, but it’s where we’re going.

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The Amphibian – Foreword from Sapo In My Soul

If ayahuasca is swimming in the rivers, lakes, dreams and streams of contemporary cultural, then the frog is perched on a branch overhanging the water’s edge. Waiting and watching, its tadpoles dropping from a jelly-leaf-nest, into the current below, into our bloodstream. And it’s come on rapidly.

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Inviting the Spirits of Animals Inside You

In myriad ways, the topic of foods of plants and animals comes up like wind and rain and snow. By turns serious, furious, curious, and delirious. For me at least, since branded “plant-person” — there’s a specific story I’d like to tell.

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  • Sometimes I wish trees were more animate, more -animal- 🐲. Like if a tree didn't want to be cut down, it could whip and spin and strike out, and therefore defend itself. Next time you're amongst the trees, imagine them as animals. Towering animals with hundreds of arms and thousands of eyes ready to pounce on you, if you don't vibe with them. Or, embrace you if you do. 🌲👻🌲


Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine — By Peter Gorman, Foreword by Morgan Maher