Bridging Traditions: Plants and Healing Practices of Amazonia, China, and Canada


with Morgan Maher

New Sessions Announced in 2015

There is astounding synergy, alliance and unity offered, open and available to all in the form of blended mysteries — vast energies — drawn from generations, millennia, dreams, tribes and peoples. Deep jungles, sweeping plains, wild mountains, back roads, strange markets. Connect the dots, create and cross certain bridges, as you need to, as you feel. And as you do; you will see & you will find the fortitude with which to finesse the flow and the frenzy of this fantastic moment.

With this course you will:

Embark on a spectrum of interconnected, uplifted paths — guided by plants and wise old ways

Experience directly the power and the potential of an “Internet of Herbalism”

Explore relationships between Amazonian shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Indigenous ethnobotany

Engage the Three Treasures of Taoist Tonic Herbalism — Jing, Qi, Shen — in the context of Amazonian herbalism

Explore Zhi — Will Power — considered to be the Fourth Treasure

Learn why, when and how to create elixirs that infuse your whole body and flower your soul

Learn how tonic herbalism, superfoods and superherbs expand and enhance visions of health and invigorate planetary life-force

Learn to create and work effectively with medicinal/tonic elixirs and brews that bring together the very best of our world



Participants receive:

10% off select and related products at the Light Cellar webstore

Energy Clarity Immunity – Amazonian Plants and the Art of Brewing – Overviews & Quick Reference Guide – v2.1

Bridging Traditions & Building Forever: Elixirs, Teas, and Tonics for Life – a mini-guide and recipe ebook



This is an advanced, inspiring experience

Absolutely all good if you’re well versed, simply curious, or intuition guides your way.

This will be a valuable day to anyone and everyone regardless of where you’re at or where you’re going!

Be equipped with powerful potential to uplift and expand every aspect of your every day




Morgan Maher is an artist, designer, writer and teacher creating and exploring connections between food, medicine, plants, health, art, music, optimism, adventure, ecology-economy, and the future.






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