Energy Clarity Immunity: The Power of the Amazon

with Morgan Maher



This 3 hour intensive guides you through Amazonian plants: their uses, benefits, traditions, research, stories and magic.

Powered by the most bio-diverse place on the planet — we’ll branch and connect various healing traditions; exploring the Taoist principles of Jing, Qi, Shen in the context of Amazonian shamanism, and ways plants offer holistic visions of health, tremendous rejuvenation and renaissance of body, mind and spirit.

Learn to invite and enliven a comprehensive, clarity and fortitude with which to flow and flourish in the new now.


Topics include:

  • Creating and working with Amazonian elixirs, teas and tinctures

  • Expanding immunity; protection, resiliency, regeneration

  • Clear thinking and dreaming to promote calm and increase creativity

  • Casting away anxiety, panic, frustration, stress and shock

  • Keeping your endurance, initiative, strength and fire flowing

  • Energy, life force, power – responsibly, respectfully, in right relationship


Samples of various plants, teas and tinctures will be offered throughout, including:

Wayusa, Cat’s Claw, Pau d’Arco, Guarana, Suma, Chuchuhuasi, Siete Raices, Catuaba, Sangre de Grado, Jergon Sacha, Ajo Sacha


Participants will receive a copy of Amazonian Plants and the Art of Brewing v2


Read Uña de Gato, Powerful Plant an introduction and overview of Cat’s Claw

by Morgan Maher